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Entry 1: Its Been Awhile!

Im sorry i havent written a entry recently, alot has been happening!.


Entry 1: Hello Again!

Sorry i haven't been logging on. Ive just been taking some time for myself and what not.

I bought a new Walkman, and im just waiting for my new cassette deck to show up.


Entry 2: Updates to the site

Im working on updating the site a little bit. Maybe some new backgrounds

Entry 1: Manga

I forgot i have alot of manga to read through. I always buy new volumes but never finish some lol.

I need to find Tokyo Ghoul volume 2!



Entry 1: Sims 2 (PS2)

The Sims 2 is definitely one of the best of the series, but its actully the one i least played.

I bought The Sims 2 Pets for the ps2 like 9 years ago, and honestly it was really fun. It encoruged me to buy the PC version of The Sims 2 a year later

However, i didnt really spend much time on the pc version, because i actully found it overwhelming. Thats a compliment.

For me, The Sims 3 was my goto, as it was the recent one released when i first got into it. to put that into persepective, the sims 2 had just

released around the time i was born. I digress though, ive recently burned The Sims 2 to a dvd to play on my PS2.

Ive actully found it to be really fun. Its definitely very toned down from the PC version, but it has things that make up for it.

Its pretty much just like The Sims 2 Pets on Playstaion, but the base game.


Entry 2: RE4 Remake is so good!!!

The Resident Evil 4 Remake was so good. I finished the story mode a week ago and i loved it so much.

I havent actully finished the original game, so i need to get around to playing it. I wanna play the other RE remakes tho!!!

Entry 1: Alias

Started watching Alias. I think its good so far, but in certain areas its not Catching my attention.

i think if i keep watching, ill probably be more invested.



Entry 1: Sleepy

Just woke up. Need more sleep lol.


Entry 3: PS2 Games (edit 8:36AM)

With the prices of retro videogames rising, i decided to take a old fassion route.

Burned disc's. I know not all the retro videogames are expensive, but such classics as "silent hill 2" and such are just reaching at the price.

I know its a great game but prices in the $100 range is not it. The fatal frame games are another example. You could probably buy a ps4 for the price of all three of them together.

When the prices go down and the nostalga boom is over, ill hapilly buy the games that i enjoyed. these burnt discs have been voyage into great games!


Slight edit, i didnt realize the date of today lol

Entry 2: Watching Inuyasha!

I started watching Inuyasha recently. I had tried to watch it in the passed,

but i dropped it. I dont know why i dropped it though. Its really good!

Entry 1: Welcome!

This is my room. I will post certain things that i find interesting.

This website is still being updated, so be ready for mistakes!

Thank you for looking!!!

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